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Panel 1: Business and China

Panel 1 covers the Chinese business world and will feature presentations by Zhen Yang Tang of George Washington University, and Philip Rogers of University of California Berkley. They will discuss their papers "SpaceX and Satnet in Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Internet: A Net Assement" and "File it Under Industrial Policy? How Chinese 5G SEP Filings Advance and Frustrate Techno-Nationalist Ambitions," respectively.


Panel 2: China and the World

Panel 2 covers the diverse topic of China and the World and will feature presentations by Jing Qian of Princeton University, Hazen Williams of Georgetown University, and Josh Luo of George Washington University. They will discuss their papers "The Impact of China's AIIB on the World Bank," "Environmental Justice as a Soft Power Tool: U.S. Engagement with the Mekong River and Natural Disaster Response in Southeast Asia from 2001 to 2020", and "Betraying Big Brothers: Comparing Civic Nationalism in Tawian and Post-Euromaidan Ukraine" respectively.



Photograph: Penn WICS

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