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Center for the Study of

Contemporary China


Date: March 30, 2019

Venue: Perry World House

Address: 3803 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA

Panel 1: Chinese Domestic Politics


Abigail Coplin, CSCC Postdoctoral Fellow

Hanzhang Liu, CSCC Postdoctoral Fellow

Policing Labor Protests in Xi Regime

Cheng Cheng, Harvard University

Probing Environmental Justice in China: Plastic China and the Visuality of Unimagined Communities

Peng Hai, Harvard University


Negative Publicity and Bureaucratic Effort: How the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Spurs Local Governments’ Efforts in Environmental Protection in China

Xiaoshu Gui, Duke University

Evolutions in Copyright and Music Licensing: Snapshots of the Markets in China and the U.S.” China

Chien-Chih Lu, University of California, Berkley

Panel 2: China on the World Stage


Scott Wingo, Doctoral Candidate in Political Science

Siyao Li, Doctoral Candidate in International Relations

Why China Continues to Support North Korea

Naomi Garcia, Johns Hopkins University SAIS

China, the ASEAN Way and South China Sea Dispute

Yaming You, Duke University


Power in Moderation: Understanding the Tolerated Circumvention of China’s Foreign Direct Investment Regime
Philip Rogers, University of California, Berkley


China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): a Maritime Security Challenge?

Francois Reyes, George Washington University







Photograph: Penn WICS