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Paper selection process


The papers selected for presentation at the Penn Symposium are carefully reviewed and sorted by a committee of China scholars and experts at the University of Pennsylvania. We are incredibly grateful for their thoughtful evaluations and valuable input for the submissions for the 2020 symposium.

Avery Goldstein

David M. Knott Professor of Global Politics and International Relations in the Political Science

Fred Dickinson

Yuhua Wang

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Emily Hannum

Professor of Japanese HIstory

Co-director of the Lauder institute of Management and Intenrational Studies

Marshall Meyer

Tsai Wan-Tsai professor

Professor of management and sociology

Regina Abrami

Senior lecturer in political science department

Senior fellow in the department of management

Associate professor of sociology and education 

Chair of the graduate group in sociology

Guobin Yang

Associate professor at the Annenberg school for Communication and department of sociology

Jacques deLisle

Director, Center of East Asian studies

Deputy director, Center for the Study of Contemporary China

Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law & professor of political science

Hanming Fang

Professor of economics

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