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Center for the Study of

Contemporary China

2019 PSCC Agenda






10:00-10:30 AM

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3:30-5:00 PM

Date: March 30, 2019

Venue: Perry World House

Address: 3803 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA

Sign In and Reception

Panel 1: Chinese Domestic Politics


     Abigail Coplin, CSCC Postdoctoral Fellow 

     Hanzhang Liu, CSCC Postdoctoral Fellow


Graduate Student Panelists:

      Cheng Cheng (Harvard University): “Policing Labor Protests in Xi Regime”

      Peng Hai (Harvard University): “Probing Environmental Justice in China: Plastic China and the Visuality of Unimagined Communities”

      Xiaoshu Gui (Duke University): “Negative Publicity and Bureaucratic Effort: How the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Spurs Local Governments’ Efforts in Environmental Protection in China”

      Chien-Chih Lu (UC Berkley): “Evolutions in Copyright and Music Licensing: Snapshots of the Markets in China and the U.S.”


Keynote Address and Q&A: Important Maxims for Examining China Today

      Mr. Kaiser Kuo, Founder of the Sinica show


Panel 2: China on the World Stage


      Scott Wingo, Doctoral Candidate in Political Science

      Siyao Li, Doctoral Candidate in International Relations

      Graduate Student Panelists:

      Naomi Garcia (Johns Hopkins SAIS): “Why China Continues to Support North Korea”

      Yaming You (Duke University): “China, the ASEAN Way and South China Sea Dispute”
      Philip Rogers (UC Berkley): “Power in Moderation: Understanding the Tolerated Circumvention of China’s Foreign Direct Investment Regime”

      Francois Reyes (George Washington University): “China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): a Maritime Security Challenge?"

Photograph: Penn WICS